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Neon Info


If you’re looking to design your own Custom Neon, there’s a couple of things you might want to know first!

  1. You can create any text-only custom sign by following the ‘design your unique neon’ link in our site menu (or simply click here)
  2. We are also able to produce more detailed custom orders which include logos, images, text, letters & more - to do this, contact us using our online form and we will help you through the design process before providing a direct price quote

Our unique fonts are available in the custom design tool on our website (option 1), or if you’re submitting a request via our form (option 2), you can include the name of the font in your message!





( Please Note: we can easily produce designs which use other fonts, as long as they are not more stylistically complex than our samples - simply provide us with a reference image! )



Choose from 13 vibrant LED colours when ordering from our collection, or 15 when designing your own!

Colours marked with * are not available for pre-designed Neons.

All outdoor signs will use white jackets.  This prevents colour-fading due to sun exposure, thus maintaining the visual quality of your Neon - please note that any signs ordered for outdoor use in ELECTRIC GREEN will therefore be created using MINT GREEN, and signs ordered for outdoor use in VIOLET will be created using INDIGO. 

Any indoor signs ordered in a colour which can be created using both jacket types will be produced according to whichever jacket type is most readily available at the time of manufacture - if you would like to ensure your sign is made using one type in preference to the other (only affects appearance when sign is turned OFF), please do contact us!



Our width measurements describe the size of the Neon (not the acrylic backing) at its widest point.

For designs which include text only, the height generally depends on the width & font you choose.

However, for some approximate guidance:

  • 50cm width = 15-20cm tall
  • 75cm width = 20-25cm tall
  • 100cm width = 30-35cm tall
  • 150cm width = 45-55cm tall
  • 175cm width = 50-60cm tall
  • 200cm width = 60-70cm tall

Here are some visual aids which you may also find helpful:




Our premium quality Neon Signs are made from long lasting, durable LED Neon Piping fused onto a clear acrylic backing - the depth of our signs is around 2.7cm.

The acrylic backing will usually be cut to shape around the lettering, but for some designs, this will be a square/rectangular board; when creating a Custom Neon, you are able to specify which you would like.   


Example of the acrylic cut to shape:








Example of a rectangular acrylic board:







You can also choose to have mirrored acrylic for Custom Neons - this means the acrylic backing will have a reflective silver surface to create a 'mirror' effect, instead of being clear.  Please note that selecting this option will increase the production time for your sign by up to 7 days.


Example of mirrored acrylic:



Due to the high quality, vivid light our signs give off, they require a mains power source as opposed to a battery-pack.  Installation is super-simple & does not require an electrician unless you have more specific needs!

All of our Neon Signs come with the following power cords & equipment as standard, totalling 4m (13ft):

  • a clear-coated, 1.8m (6ft) cord attached to the right-hand side of the sign
  • this connects to a black, 1.2m (4ft) cord attached to the AC/DC power adaptor
  • finally, there’s another black, 1m (3ft) cord from the adaptor, ending in a mains socket plug suited to your locality (we ship worldwide!)

The AC/DC adaptor will look similar to this (the exact type can vary slightly depending on the size of your sign):








We also understand that you may have slightly different requirements as a result of where you want to display your Neon, such as having the first cord attached to the left side of your sign - if this is the case, please contact us and we will ensure we can provide what you need where possible!



For an additional £20, we can include a wireless dimmer package in your order - this allows you to adjust the brightness of your Neon with a remote (the control box links into the wiring system above).

The dimmer & remote will look like this:







Our LED Neons have a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours - that's about 8 years, if the sign was illuminated for 8 hours every single day!