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Frequently Asked Questions

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I've read really bad reviews of neon sign companies, are you the same?

Please don't worry, this is not us - we are proud to say we have only ever received extremely positive feedback!

Be sure to check carefully when reading reviews on 3rd party sites, as a few companies have similar names to us & unfortunately this means their bad reviews may appear in Google search results for 'The Neon Sign Co Reviews'.

We will always aim to please & in the unlikely event of a problem, we will work closely with you until you are completely satisfied  - we love putting a smile on our customers' faces and have a genuine passion for the work we do.

If you have any concerns at all, please contact our lovely team and we'll be more than happy to help :)


I've heard stories about "import" tax, will I be charged?

Absolutely not!  Many of our competitors like to leave you with a little surprise after purchase, which is just not on.  When you shop with us, there are no hidden or surprise charges - the price you see when you check out or get a quote from us is all you will ever have to pay!


What is LED neon?  How does it compare to traditional neon?

Our neon uses modern LED-light technology to replicate the effect of traditional neon, which uses glass tubes containing neon/argon gas to emit light.  We have chosen to use LED over traditional neon because:

  • it produces a higher quality of light over a wider range of colours
  • it does not rely on glass tubing which can easily shatter and release gas (& sometimes even toxic mercury) if dropped - whilst the gas used is naturally present in the air, when inhaled in high concentrations, there is a risk of respiratory damage
  • it doesn't release large amounts of heat like the electrodes in traditional neon do, and is therefore safe to touch & display without worrying about burn injuries or fire hazards
  • it uses a lot less energy to produce & run - this is very important to us as we are conscientious about our environmental footprint, but it also means you get to save your hard-earned money!


Why can't I get the custom sign designer webpage to work?

In order to use our custom sign creation tool, you need to make sure 3rd party cookies are enabled in your browser settings :)

If you have enabled this setting, quit your browser and/or refreshed the page, but there still seems to be an issue, please let us know!


How long will my sign take to arrive?

We generally work to a 2 week lead time.  So, once payment has been received, you can expect delivery within the next 2 weeks.

Sometimes this can be as little as 1 week & rarely, slightly longer than the 2 weeks.  If you need your sign urgently, we also provide the option to place a 'rush order' for an additional £50 - this means your sign is guaranteed to arrive within 7-10 days after you have placed an order.

Nonetheless, we always strive to please and so if we can deliver sooner, we will!


Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutely - we offer a full warranty of up to 12 months for all domestic purchases!  Should anything go wrong after this period however, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will still be able to help you!

And don't worry if you are using your sign for commercial purposes, such as hiring the item to clients; we will offer full support & help where required.